G.B. Pant National Institute
Himalayan Environment & Sustainable Development
formerly known as G.B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment & Development

Group 4 Themes....

BCM: Biodiversity Conservation and Management
ES: Ecosystem Services
CC: Climate Change

Group Head (BCM, ES and CC) - Dr. R.S. Rawal, Scientist - F

Theme Head - BCM & ES

Dr. G.C.S. Negi, Scientist - F
Theme Members

1. Dr. K.C. Sekar, Scientist-D

2. Dr. S.C. Arya, Scientist-C

3. Dr. Kailash Singh Gaira , Scientist -E

4. Dr. Visfully Mylliemngap , Scientist-B

5. Dr. Subodh Airi, Technical-IV(2)

6. Dr. Kishor Kothyari, Technical-IV(1)

Theme Head - CC

Dr. S. Sharma, Scientist-D
Theme Members

1. Dr. Rajesh Joshi, Scientist-D

2. Dr. Devendra Kumar,Scientist-C

3. Dr. Harshit Pant, Scientist-B

4. Mr. L.K. Rai, Technical-IV(3)


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