G.B. Pant National Institute of Himalayan Environment & Sustainable Development

(An autonomous Institute of Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Govt. of India)

Garhwal Regional Centre

Dr. R.K. Maikhuri

Designation: Scientist-G & In-charge (GRC)

Discipline:Plant Ecology; Rural Ecosystems

Email Id:rkmaikhuri@rediffmail.com


Dr. A.K. Sahani

Designation: Scientist-D

Discipline:Social Science; Anthropology

Email Id:aksahani@gbpihed.nic.in


Er. S. Tarafdar

Designation: Scientist-D

Discipline:Weather & Climate Change; Glaciology; Hydrology

Email Id:soukhin1974@yahoo.co.in


Dr. Arun Kumar Jugran

Designation: Scientist-C

Discipline:Biotechnological Applications (BTA)

Email Id:arunjugran@gbpihed.nic.in ; arunjugran@gmail.com


Dr. Lakhpat Singh Rawat

Designation: Technical Group IV(1)

Discipline:Socio Economic Development (SED)

Email Id:rawat_lakhpat@rediffmail.com


Supporting Staff

Mr. D.P. Kumeri

Designation: U.D.C.

Email Id:

Mr. M.P. Nautiyal

Designation:Technical Group II(2)

Email Id:

Mr. J.M.S. Rawat

Designation: Technical Group II(2)

Email Id:

Mr. R.C. Nainwal

Designation:Technical Group I(4)

Email Id:

Mr. R.P. Sati


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