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About Trainings

All applications for trainings should be submitted (as per prescribed format duly forwarded through Head of Institution/Department) to the Director, GB Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment & Development, Kosi-Katarmal, Almora – 263 643, Uttarakhand. Students who are pursuing post graduate studies in Natural and Social Sciences in Universities/Institutes and for them training is a part of their degree programme, the Institute offers training in the following subjects/areas of research and development:

S. No.



Analytical Techniques (Chromatography, Spectroscopy, etc.)


Biodiversity and  Conservation


Climate Change


Environmental Impact Assessment


Forest Ecology and Natural Resource Management


Glaciology and Hydrology


Land & Water Management


Library Sciences  


Mathematical Modeling and Computer Applications




Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology


Plant Physiology & Biochemistry


Plant, Soil & Water Analysis


Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System


Socio-Economics and Indigenous Knowledge

Trainings are generally conducted on short (8-12 weeks) and long term (12-24 weeks) basis and taken up in 2 different sessions in a calendar year, one commencing from January to June, and the other from July to December. Besides at Headquarters (Kosi-Katarmal, Almora), training can also be done at regional Units: Srinagar-Garhwal (U.K.), Mohal-Kullu (H.P.), Pangthang-Sikkim and Itanagar (A.P.) depending on the availability of expertise and preference of the trainee. .

Updated Guidelines

a) Candidates are strongly advised to visit Institute website for detail information about the subjects/areas and placement across the Institute HQs and its four regional units.

b) Completely filled applications in all respect and duly forwarded by head of organization/department will only be considered; incomplete application will not be considered for training.

c) In view of large number of applications received, selection is strictly done on the basis of merit. 50% of total available seats for dissertation/training are reserved for the candidates from the Universities under Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with GBPIHED. For these seats also, the selection will be carried out on merit basis. In case of vacant seats in this category, the same will be filled by other (general) candidates. If a candidate doesn’t join within the stipulated time, seat will be offered to the candidate in the wait-list prepared on the basis of merit.

d) For training commencing in January to June session, applications must be submitted within 15th November of the previous year; selected candidates shall be informed by 1st December and their acceptance/consent must reach the Institute by 15th December.

e) Similarly for training commencing in July to December session, applications must be submitted within 15th May; selected candidates shall be informed by 1st June and their acceptance/consent must reach the Institute by 15th June. The list of selected candidates will be made available on the Institute's website.

f) The institute will charge a training fee @ of Rs 2000/- per month and one time caution money of Rs 500/- (Refundable after no-dues), this need to be deposited while commencing the training.

g) The candidates will have to make their own arrangements for accommodation.

h) Transportation, contingency and other living expenditures shall be borne by the candidates.

i) Strict discipline must be ensured by the candidate at all times otherwise Disciplinary Action shall be taken and the training can be terminated at any time without giving any reason thereof.

j) Work done during training shall be treated as Institute property for which an Undertaking needs to be given at the time of joining in the prescribed format.

k) The decision of the Training Committee and the Director of the Institute shall be final and no communication in this regard shall be entertained.

l) At the end of the training, the candidate must deposit two copies of dissertation report to the supervisor. Moreover, no-dues certificate be also taken at the end of training.

m) The candidate will have to give an undertaking regarding acceptance of the above mentioned and other terms and conditions of the institute.

Other Trainings

Other types of trainings on subjects not mentioned above and/or for other purpose/persons can be arranged on request and for this applications should be addressed to the Director of this Institute. Interested persons must look at the Institute website for details. However, all the above terms and conditions will also be applicable for such candidates.


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