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RTC - Rural Technology Complex

Rural Technology Complex (RTC)

Documentry on Rural Technology Complex

Established in 2001.

RTC was developed by G.B. Pant National Institute of Himalayan Environment in 2001 at Kosi, Almora to address the needs of hill farmers keeping in mind their location specific technological requirements.

Vision of RTC

Capacity building of the Himalayan Mountainous communities.

Improvement in the quality of life & human welfare through economic development by efficient conservation and mangement of natural resources.

Dissemination of knowledge through training on various technologies based on yield increment, income generation etc.

Major Objectives

  • Exploration, documentation and preparation of an inventory
    of indigenous and modern technologies
    which are of hill specific region.
    existing rural technology packages .
  • SETTING UP of demonstration of improved/ alternative
    and already available hill specific technologies
    in complex and at selected field sites
  • CAPACITY BUILDING through training/hands-on
    demonstration/field exercises of target groups
    on a regular basis.



Pine Factory

Secretary of MoEF &CC visited at Pine processing unit at RTC.


Bio Briquetting

Training & awareness on Bio-briquetting.


Presentation Hall

Presentation hall for dissemination of latest tools and techniques. Alongwith facilities of accomodation for 30 participitants for their stay during training programme.


Polyhouse Protected Cultivation

Training & awareness on Protected cultivation .



Production of nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner. It is used in farming and small scale sustainable, organic farming.



Liquid that is collected after the passage of water through a column of worm action and is very useful as a foliar spray.


Heep Compost

Nutrient-rich mixture of organic matter used by gardeners and farmers to help grow strong, healthy plants and flowers.


Integrated fish farming

System of producing fish in combination with other agricultural/livestock farming operations centered around the fish pond.

Training in Rural Technology Complex

Training Programs Conducted

Total Female candidates trained

Total Male candidates trained

No. of Training Programmes conducted Year-Wise

Year 2021

1 Day Training - 10

2 Day Training -

3 & more Day Trainig - 1

Year 2020

1 Day Training - 15

2 Day Training - 3

3 & more Day Trainig - 2

Year 2019

1 Day Training - 7

2 Day Training - 7

3 & more Day Trainig - 5

Year 2018

1 Day Training - 15

2 Day Training - 2

3 & more Day Trainig - 3

Year 2017

1 Day Training - 20

2 Day Training - 4

3 & more Day Trainig - 7

Year 2016

1 Day Training - 13

2 Day Training -

3 & more Day Trainig - 9

Year 2015

1 Day Training - 6

2 Day Training -

3 & more Day Trainig - 9

Activities @ RTC


ToR for handmade paper making from Pine needles (Pirul) at Rural Technology Complex of the Institute in PPP Mode
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